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Making great cider starts with selecting the finest apples!
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All fruit trees measure 1.75-2.0 m and are in rigid 12 litre pots and cost £20 each.
Evergreens Araucaria Araucana/Monkey Puzzle Cedrus Atlantica/Atlas Cedar Cedrus Deodora/Deodar Cedrus Libani/Cedar of Lebanon Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana/ Lawson Cypress Larix Kaempferi/Japanese Larch Metasequoia Glyptostroboides/ Dawn Redwood Picea Abies/Norway Spruce Pinus Nigra/Austrian Pine Pinus Radiata/Monteray Pine Pinus Sylvestris/Scots Pine Quercus Ilex/Holm Oak Sequoidendron Giganteum/Giant Sequoia Thuja Occidentials/Eastern White Cedar Thuja Plicata/Western Red Cedar
We grow a selection of frost hardy Eucalyptus trees from seed. These have been selected for their colourful bark and foliage to ensure that they can be the centerpiece in any garden or landscape.
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At Woodgrange trees we have a selection of eating and dessert apple trees on offer. In recent years, making home made cider has become a popular pastime .Cider can be made from any apple but obviously the quality will depend on the variety used. Most are made from a blend of sweet, sharp, bitter sweet and bitter sharp apples . Common varieties such as bramleys, laxton surperb , red devil and katy do make good ciders. So now is the time to start making cider and create your own blend. The sun's beginning to shine and the days are getting longer. Which only means one thing. Cider-drinking season is here!