Welcome to Woodgrange Woodgrange Tree Nursery is based just 4 mile outside Downpatrick in Co Down, Northern Ireland. We specialise in growing semi-mature trees in large airpots. We offer an extensive range of native, ornamental and fruit trees and from November to March hedging plants and bare rooted trees are available. So why not bring instant beauty to your garden and achieve immediate privacy with a mature tree. If you require other trees not listed at Woodgrange Nursery please feel free to enquire and we can get get you a quote to supply you with the trees you need.
Services At Woodgrange Tree Nursery we offer a full tree planting service. Correct planting is crucial for tree establishment. If you are inexperienced with tree planting we recommend you avail of our planting services. This includes full excavation of the planting hole, placing the tree, back filling the hole, installing any irrigation pipes that are required and staking the tree. The cost of planting will obviously vary, depending on the size and number of trees and the layout of the site.
3 Annadorn Rd Woodgrange Downpatrick, Co Down Northern Ireland BT30 8JU
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3 Annadorn Rd Woodgrange, Downpatrick, Co Down, Northern Ireland BT30 8JU enquiries@woodgrangetreenursery.co.uk
When we receive the trees at the nursery they are placed into airpots, a revolutionary new growing system which promotes rapid production of a vigorous, fibrous root system.
After 2 years the trees are either planted or potted on into larger airpots. At Woodgrange Tree Nursery we use 30, 45 and 80 litre airpots. Once planted the trees quickly stabilise due to the dense fibrious root system radiating out 360 degrees.
Book a Consultation To contact Woodgrange Tree Nursery for a consultation at your property or to make an appointment to visit our Nursery please call Andrew on 07866 441613 or email enquiries@woodgrangetreenursery.co.uk . We are available to advise you on the selection of the most suitable tree for your garden with regards size, shape and colour. We also offer expert advice on aftercare to ensure you get the full benefits of investing in a mature tree. Alternatively we are open to the public every Saturday between 10am and 5pm.